Excursions in the area

Departure from Busteni, ride on the road to Sinaia, then leave DN1, climb the Serpentines of Paduchios, to Cuibul Dorului. From here, take the mountain comb, until up to Bucegi Plateau! From here, we go to Cave, to Bolbolci, to Babele.


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The Babele and the Sphinx

Objectives in the area

 Monuments of nature, made up of large blocks of stone that have gained formals that they have today in a very long time, the Sphinx and Babele on the Bucegi Plateau gave rise to many legends and myths.

The Sphinx is an anthropomorphic megalith located at over 2200 meters altitude and was named because of its great resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx.

The “Babele” are 10 minutes away from the Sphinx, very close to the same name, are rocky formations formed by the eloquent erosion.


The Caraiman Cross

Objectives in the area

Also known as the Cross of the Heroes, a monument at an altitude of 2291m, was built between 1926-1928.The Cross is made of steel profiles with a reinforced stone. The enlightenment of this monument is done with the help of 300 bulbs of 500w each and can be seen from tens of kilometers away from the Prahova Valley.


Ialomitei Cave

Objectives in the area

The most famous cave in Romania, located in the Bucegi Mountains, developed on a single level with a length of about 480m, of which 400m are accessible for tourists, it is crossed by a stream. The cave of the cave at 18m above the valley bottom, opens on a horizontal terrace. On this terrace, at the entrance is the Ialomita Monastery, erected in the 16th century, by the prince of Walachia, Mihnea the Evil.

The cave is accessible to the area called “Altar”, a name coming from the stalactites that are placed in such a way that they give the impression of a church altar.